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Ages - Aeons of Adventure

A world is not static, an unchanging thing. It evolves as time rolls on, making many wondrous Ages.

Unlike many role-playing games, FootPrints takes this evolution into account right from the first core rule book, presenting five Ages in which to play.

The Age of Wood is a Fantastical time of discovery, of forging new alliances and new nations, pushing back the unknown with unprecedented discovery. Brave adventurers discover lost civilisations, battle hostile spirits and strange wildlife, even lead armies as these burgeoning nations clash for resources.

The Age of Fire is one of progess and science, suspicion and steam-power. Advances in Industry have brought a new world to the fore as gas, gunpowder and flame are harnessed in new ways. Shadowy cults worship ancient horrors, new medicines are discovered. Art and music take giant leaps, too, as this Romantic Age marches onto the stage.
The Age of Earth is a Modern setting; Beleshesa has changed a great deal with the growth of the global village. As populations swell to unprecedented numbers a dangerous breed of power-villain, fiends wielding tremendous abilities, threaten security and family - and power-heroes, wielding similarly mighty gifts, rise to oppose them.
The Age of Metal takes place in a Near-Future genre that pits nation against nation, gang against gang. The field of bionics allows cripples to walk and the weak to fight. Progressive and traditional nations clash violently, tensions build until the whole globe is plunged into war - with the adventurers trapped in the middle.
The Age of Water is a dark portrayal of a Post-Apocalyptic nightmare. The Catastrophe, a chain of events that topples the nations and corporations of the world, has changed the face of Beleshesa forever. As part of the desperate people struggle to rebuild amongst the shattered carcasses of cities the remainder, having blasted off into space to forge a new life, find themselves on a strange planet, frantically trying to carve a niche in the hostile wilderness before it overwhelms and destroys them.

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