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Beleshesa - A Living World

FootPrints is set on a world rich with sights and sounds, beasts and birds, cities and oceans. This planet, known as Beleshesa to the ten sentient species that share (and fight over) it, is a huge place with no end of things to see and places to go.
The major land-masses on the planet form the framework of its nations.

Torusorvai is the megacontinent of the western hemisphere, home to the desert-dwelling Svass and jungles of the Sahane.

Altonai is the world's smallest true continent, found in the north of the globe and home to the Palla'du'tantaloi.
Savulai, connected to Altonai, is the home of the forest-wise Keiani and many of the world's displaced Meredros.
Trassai is the northern polar continent, a harsh, icy and frozen land home to the stolid 'ice-giants', the Gorthoi.
Langorai is the eastern megacontinent, home to the Vaith in the south plans and Vesthilian in the land's centre. In the north are the ruined remains of the ancestral home of the downtrodden Meredros.
Dehumai and New Arimai, to the south of Torusorvai, are the island homes of the Human and Arimian species.
Pulonai, between the two megacontinents, is a rugged land of diversity and rich, strange wildlife.
Maladorai, the southern polar continent, is an inhospitable land in which nothing long withstands its frigid ice storms which seem almost to be driven by some alien, hostile consciousness...

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