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Causes - Walk your Own Path

No kind of person quite makes as much of an impact on the world of Beleshesa as the adventurer.

And, just as any other group of people, there are many paths - known as Causes - down which an adventurer may walk.

Spiritualists are the clergy and shamans who talk to Anima and convey messages from the Gods and Titans, making pacts with ephemeral allies and wielding powerful Boons granted to them to heal or harm with equal facility.

Channellers are emotive, passionate spellcasters that shape the stuff of magic - Ki - with a gesture and a thought, artistic and dangerous in equal measure. Their powers tend to be immediate and dramatic, dissipating as quickly as they form.
Occultists walk the measured, careful path of magical practice, using rituals and tools to make Ki do their bidding. While their magic is not as quick as a Channeller's they can wield powers that no other being can master.
Warriors are skilled tacticians and stealthy scouts as often as they are raging berserkers. Gifted with weapons and talents of leadership a Warrior should never be underestimated, nor mistaken for a simple fool.
Rogues are the sly thieves, brutish thugs and silver-tongued confidence tricksters that line both back-alley streets and politician's chambers. Rarely trusted but always present they slip in and out of the cracks of society.
Ascetics are the mystics and monks of Beleshesa's people, adherents of a cultural code that eschews the ways of their fellow adventurers. When the world whirls, crazy and wild, the Ascetic stands firm in the eye of the storm.

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