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The ten Prime Species of Beleshesa are not the only intelligent creatures to walk the planet but they are both the most numerous and the only beings to form true civilisation. From the forests to the deserts these peoples travel and dwell, each with a distinct culture and unique appearance, waging war and forging alliances where they will.

Keiani hail from the forests of Anivulai, a slender and elegant species given to artistic pursuits, with skin of green or brown and bearing small horns. Poetry, dancing and the strange sciences of the Occult please these woods-dwelling people.
Meredros are a heavy-browed species that have large tusks and compelling grey eyes, walking in a slouch, displaced from their original home in northern Langorai. Enslaved and degraded, this once-noble species faces a long struggle back to equality.
Sahane are short red-skinned and black-striped jungle dwellers from central Torusorvai. They are bald and bear blunt claws, cheerful and energetic, a passionate species that feels emotion keenly. Many find their company as exhausting as it is invigorating.
Svass are a trading species with black skin and vestigial scales, sharp teeth and glossy black hair. Hailing from southern Torusorvai they make excellent diplomats. Their relations with the Meredros are troubled at best but their skill with word an coin makes them a common sight in most cities.
Palla'du'tantaloi, more commonly known as Tantaloi or Palla'tans, are a heavy-set mountain-dwelling species from Savulai with nut-brown skin and wide, expressive smiles. They value cheer and family, and bear tribal tattoos, a warrior-Race whose booming calls terrify the enemy as readily as they summon their allies.
Vaith are a diminutive species from southern Langorai that make up for their lack of size with an excess of energy, family ties, love of sport and - just as often - sheer aggression. Life is never dull with the Vaith around, though some more stolid species may wish it were.
Gorthoi are giants from the ice-fields of Trassai, massive white-furred people with strong frames and a noble demeanour, proudly upholding their militaristic culture. They tower above the other people of Beleshesa, their love of order as legendary as their might.
Vesthilian are grey-skinned, dark-eyed people with hair in metallic shades, a subterranean species from central Langorai, clever but impassive metal-crafters that the other species find hard to fathom. Their cities, built into enormous underground caverns, hold wonders that the world above can only dream at.
Humans are a sea-faring species of islanders from their home of Dehumai, greatly variable in nature and quick to adapt to almost any circumstance. While many other species consider them to be capricious and unpredictable the Humans pay little heed, forging lives wherever and however they care to.
Arimians are a species closely allied to their Human neighbours, hailing from the nearby island of New Arimai, with unique hair, distinctive ears and tremendous bodily flexibility. Some consider them to be a kind of sub-breed of Human, to their endless irritation, but the Arimians are truly a species apart.

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