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RELEASE: Legends Awaken: Super Simplified

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Scott Thornby
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It's the 6th of May, 2010.
Today we release the first product for Second Moon Games. It's free, it's readily available, it's right here.

Legends Awaken is a tabletop print-and-play miniatures game about survival and desperation, defiance and the indomitable nature of the human spirit. The Super Simplified version is a full game in its own right, intended to be the preview release of Legends Awaken.

You'll find this new and fast-paced game in the Downloads section of our website, right here.

You'll also find some handy-dandy counters to download separately and print out if you'd prefer to jump in the game without printing out and sticking together a bunch of little miniatures.

Get into the game, and welcome to Legends Awaken!

PS. A special thanks goes out to all our playtesters for Legends Awaken, as well as Jim Hartman at OneMonk, and all the folks at the OneMonk forums!


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