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Legends Awaken

Status (Full Version): Shelved/Frozen
Status (Super Simplified Version): OUT NOW!!

Legends Awaken is a miniatures game set in the modern world in which legendary creatures from mythos all over the world are bursting through into our reality, threatening the order that humans have come to love and cherish.

But there are no legendary heroes to come and same humankind - not this time. Instead, as zombie hordes press in, centaur gangs tip over cars and kidnap women, as vampires and demons and stranger things still stalk the night, the only people to hold back the tide of monsters are normal folk with a burning drive to survive.

On the 6th of May, 2010, we released Legends Awaken: Super Simplified v.1, a free preview version and a full game in its own right! Check it out right here! We've even made some counters for you to download and print out if you prefer using those to making print-and-play paper miniatures.

Due to lack of interest in Legends Awaken we have decided to shelve this project. It remains part of our intellectual property, of course, but we will leave the free version up for anyone to download.

We may restart the full version of Legends Awaken in the future; we may not. Thank you for your interest.

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