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Xbox One games constantly crashing.

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I have had my xbox one s for only a few months. But most of my games are constantly crashing. GTA V and Ryse make it to the company logos and just got to the dashboard automatically. Forza Horizon 3 freezes on the loading screen or glitches out just after leaving the festival, which is pretty much the same with Fallout 4. Now, Rayman Legends and Project Cars work 100% fine and I've never had issues with either and with the Master Chief Collection, Halo 1, 3, and 4 all work flawlessy (Halo 2 had crashing problems)

I tested a blu ray movie on it and that worked fine for the entire run time. I can also watch TV shows that I have purchased, go into the store no problem, and all the apps work perfect. No issues with the UI at all.

I've done reboots and resets and these don't help. The console is level in a ventilated area. I'm stumped at this point. Don't know what to do now.

Please help.


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References www.gamespot.com/forums/xbox-association-1000003/xbox-one-games-constant...

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