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Scottblog: Finishing Touches

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Today it's all about clearing away the little things, getting stuff out of the way so as to move on to bigger and better matters.

Specifically I'm talking about the website. There are a few things that have been niggling at me about the site and finding solutions for them has been an interesting process.

I knew nothing about php or style sheets before working on the theme of the site, for example. I've had a reasonably solid background in html for some time and know a tiny bit of Javascript but anything more than that? Not really. I spent six years working in a call centre before quitting and devoting myself full-time to Second Moon Games, so my coding and markup skills are a little, well, rusty.

But building the site has prompted an exploration of these fundamental elements of modern web design, and that learning process has been good - if frustrating at times. As I have no formal tutor, and have taken no courses, the process of teaching myself has been haphazard but interesting. It's a curious feeling opening a php page and having no idea where to stick a bit of php code to make a breadcrumb list (the little list above the page title indicating where in the site structure you are; currently it probably says Home >> Blogs >> Scott Thornby's Blog) show up where you want it to.

But, of course, there's nothing like perseverance coupled with a willingness to learn when you really mess something up. Big smile

In any case, like I was saying, today is about finishing the details of the site as it stands. This doesn't mean, of course, that the content in the site will be set and static - oh no. There's much more to come - content, game information, blog entries, polls, forum posts, theming changes - the list goes on.

So I hope you stick around! It's going to be a very curious journey.

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