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Scottblog: The New Year!

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Well, it's already set to be a big big year for Second Moon Games and its staff, both personally and professionally. There's heaps of really great things in store and we're now so full of great content it's coming out our ears!

Our artist, Hannah, has been doing heaps of great work for Legends Awaken, both the full version and the preview edition, and soon we'll be rolling the preview out to our playtesters to see what they think. Once it's been run through a few times it'll become available on the website, so keep your eyes peeled.

FootPrints experienced a developmental slowdown in late 2009 but 2010 is going to be a fantastic year for our primary game, and we expect playtesting to go well and constructively, if somewhat rockily - ah, the joys of product testing.

On which note it's worth mentioning that developing and testing games is a lot of fun but far more hard work than people might think. We're loving it but it's an experience, let me tell you...

Initial talks are going on with the staff to look for more artists for the core rules of FootPrints and later supplements. Again, keep your eyes peeled. This is exciting stuff, and with luck we'll be announcing that we're looking for more staff!

Rachel, our Forum Goddess, has been a huge help not only with the forums but also as an inspiration to both myself and Hannah. A huge warm thanks to her!

On a more personal note we're all either moving soon or have recently moved, so there is likely to be some disruption to updates and development (as some of you may have already noted). We're not vanishing! We're still here.

So, that's it, that's the Scottblog for the moment. Take care, everyone, and have a great new year!

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