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Well well well. It's May, folks, and things are moving.

It's been a long time coming but we've finally got Legends Awaken: Super Simplified done to our satisfaction, and it's available in the Downloads section for free.

It's been a really fascinating process going from raw concept to finished product, even if it is only a preview product. The whole thing has been quite a ride! Hannah's been very patient in working on the art, especially with me developing the rules, maps and printing process more or less on the fly as we went.

The whole thing has, realistically, been designed and made by two people, and it's beginning to dawn on me why many other companies have products with three or four authors and as many or more artists. It's an exhaustive process but a fun one, too. My most huge and wondrous thanks to our playtesters! Your help has been invaluable.

This, of course, brings up a few points. Now that Legends Awaken: Super Simplified is out, what next?

Well, we've a lot planned for Legends Awaken but miniatures games aren't our primary focus. We've much more experience with tabletop role-playing games and that was always, starting with FootPrints, intended to be our main game type. Nonetheless there's a lot of expansion for Legends Awaken that's going to happen.

The full Legends Awaken game is being developed now, primarily the artistic side of it, with Hannah working furiously on lovely little critters such as psychopathic rats and carnivorous mutant plants. Once the main rules are done we've got expansion rules, new monsters, regional packs, free content - plenty of stuff planned.

Aside from that we're also now working on a free preview game for FootPrints, too. Why? Because we're big fans of people knowing what it is they're buying. We want FootPrints to be successful; the more successful it is the longer we get to keep making it. We want it to be a really enjoyable game. We want you, the players, to seriously dig it, just as much as we do. So with the reception of the free Legends Awaken preview looking pretty damn rosy we're very enthused to release one for the role-playing game which was always intended to be our main product.

Now, remember that FootPrints is a game that spans Ages. It's a multi-genre game which already has a tremendous amount of content. When you go so far as to make tectonic plate maps when developing the world you know you're intending to stick a lot of detail into it.

As a result this first preview game, Feeding Bloodwood, is a preview of FootPrints in the Age of Wood, the fantasy-based setting. If it's well-received we'll be developing a preview for each Age. That's a lot of previewing for the one game, and all of it for free! That way you can try it out and if you don't like the game then you haven't lost anything. If you do, it's a quick trip to Lulu.com to buy the finished products and supplements. Easy!

And where from there? We have sixteen game line plans - maybe not all fo them will get made, maybe they will. For now Legends Awaken and FootPrints is quite enough to keep us busy. But still... Who knows?

Here's to the future!

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